33a survey of mental health level among students in Bayan Baru community college

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Noor Sarena binti Mohd Zahid
Aziana binti Che Aziz
Rohani M.M Yusoff


This descriptive analysis survey purposely to measure the level of mental health among students in Bayan Baru Community College in aspect of Anxiety, Stress and Depression. The Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale 21 (DASS-21) has been distributed to the students from the field of Pastry Certificate Program and Beauty and SPA Certificate Program. The objectives of the study are to identify the level of stress, anxiety and depression among students and find the correlation between gender and field of study to mental illness. T-test shows that there is no significant correlation between gender and mental health among students (p-value >α, where α=0.05).  There is no significant correlation between field of study and mental health among students (p-value >α, where α=0.05). The findings of this study suggest that there is a need to communicate the issue of mental health among the students through communication campaigns so as to empower them with knowledge in reducing this health related problem due to a few of female students having severe and extremely severe state and there was no significant difference between mental health problems suffered by the student of Pastry and Beauty and SPA Certificate  The study should discuss about the other type of mental illness, the research of the field of study should be categorize to the years of study and widened respondents’ sociodemographic such as social background as the recommendations for the future studies.

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33a survey of mental health level among students in Bayan Baru community college. (2021). Journal of Social Transformation and Education, 2(3), 131-139. https://doi.org/10.54480/jste.v2i3.32

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33a survey of mental health level among students in Bayan Baru community college. (2021). Journal of Social Transformation and Education, 2(3), 131-139. https://doi.org/10.54480/jste.v2i3.32


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