Listen to the voice of farmers in the wake of pandemic

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Roselle M. Soriano
Carmela G. Blando
Kristine Bernadette M. Apolonio


With the ongoing chaos in this pandemic, much of what we took for granted is now in doubt. Nonetheless, one thing appears to have remained constant: marginalized groups in society continue to suffer the most, and these are small-scale farmers. Thus, this qualitative study sought to understand small-scale farmers' experiences during the COVID 19 outbreak. Specifically, it explored the challenges they have experienced and identified the coping mechanisms they employed. A total of 15 small-scale farmers were conveniently and purposely selected from Cabarroguis, Quirino, who took part in an individual in-depth and semi-structured interview. The results of the study revealed the typical issues faced by farmers which include financial problems, poverty, a lack of employment, transportation/mobility, climate change, and higher commodity prices. Despite these obstacles, farmers used coping techniques to overcome them. They are compelled to borrow from credit companies to maintain production. Additionally, they received government assistance. They also earned money from direct selling. Finally, farmers keep their resilience in the face of difficulties during the pandemic. Hence, this study serves as a foundation for developing inclusive, practical pro-farmer policies that consider the perspectives of small-scale farmers during and after the COVID 19 crisis.

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Listen to the voice of farmers in the wake of pandemic. (2022). Journal of Social Transformation and Education, 3(3), 80-94.

How to Cite

Listen to the voice of farmers in the wake of pandemic. (2022). Journal of Social Transformation and Education, 3(3), 80-94.


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